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Yes my book is completely free and available for instant download  


So why am I giving it away for Free? Simply because I want to help as many people as I can achieve their greatest success in selling, something that I believe my book will help them achieve. It's not an ego boost, I want to help. If you are in sales 90% of the time your performance is directly related to money. The more you sell, the more you earn. The more you earn, the better life that you can live (like me).

So what have you got to loose by giving me a few hours of your life and reading my book. Shit, if its makes you 10% better at selling isn't that a great return? Plus, its free, so there is no "risk /reward" scenario - just all Reward for you.

In my book I've broken selling down to 30 Secrets. These are my tried and proven methods of selling that I believe apply to anybody in sales, regardless of what you are selling, who you are selling to, what language you speak or what country you are selling in. These are universal techniques that apply to all human interactions, the world over. Sales actually is all about human relationships and how you relate to others. It's not about your product, your service or your price, it's about TRUST. Can I trust this s person if I give them my money? Will they let me down or was trusting them a big mistake on my part?

The other question I always get is, "Fred why are you giving your book away for free, what's the catch?"

Well there's no catch. 

I want you to have it. I want you to read it and apply some of my ideas. I want you to succeed and I hope that by just reading part or all of my book I can help you achieve a higher level of success. I love non fiction books and self help books. I read them with my highlighter, I scribble all over them, I take away nuggets of information and I start applying them. This book is my brain-dump and I still refer to it everyday myself. Sometimes when I selling I catch myself out and think....what would my book tell me to do? 


I refer to it daily and I hope you will too.

Hopefully you will read it and take something out of it, or maybe you will read it and think it is a load of BS. Either way, what does it matter as it was FREE! But I can assure you it will not the later.

In my book I cover my 30 Secrets to Selling, which are:

Secret #1 - It's all in your mind

Secret #2 - Check your energy and your attitude

Secret #3 - Two ears, one mouth

Secret #4 - Set your goals - HIGH

Secret #5 - See it, feel it, believe it

Secret #6 - Be yourself

Secret #7 - Make every "No" count

Secret #8 - Pretend you are a sheep dog

Secret #9 - Qualify quickly

Secret #10 - Know your birds

Secret #11 - Put their shoes on

Secret #12 - Make them chase them

Secret #13 - Ask and you shall receive

Secret #14 - The art of mirroring

Secret #15 - Become a magician

Secret #16 - Choose your words wisely

Secret #17 - Train, battle, WIN

Secret #18 - Affirmations

Secret #19 - Your relationship is symbiotic

Secret #20 - Stop making excuses

Secret #21 - Am I bipolar?

Secret #22 - Learn from your losses

Secret #23 - The power is in the pause

Secret #24 - Get a haircut

Secret #25 - Become a supermodel

Secret #26 - Never say NO

Secret #27 - Cut the cheese

Secret #28 - Don't take it personally

Secret #29 - Reward yourself

Secret #30 - Selling is like sex,

rush it and you've blown it!


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