Sky high

In sales you need to push your staff to the limit if you want to get optimum results from them.


So what better way than to get them all to jump out of aeroplane at 15,000 ft!


This training is designed to take your staff way outside of their comfort zone. Its designed to clear their head of obstacles and limitation. We call it the "Excuses" the surround everybody in sales. 

In it's place we show them that we live in a world of limitless opportunities, one which is only restricted by our thinking. We get them to take a fresh look at their sales and their psyche. We isolate and breakdown their blockage,  then empower them with strategies to smash through these barriers, just like jumping out of a plane.

This is a 1 Day Course that includes the skydive, lunch, team building exercises and sales strategy training.  You team will never be the same again.

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Maybe not quite as crazy as jumping out of an aeroplane but with the same exhilaration and thrill. Your team get behind the wheel of a 600 hp V8 Supercar and hurtle themselves around the racetrack at 200 kph. We want to push them to their limit and show them what they truly are capable of. 

Just like Skyhigh we will be stripping around their personal limitations and replacing them with positive beliefs about themselves and their possibilities. 

This is a 1 Day Course as well that includes 4 laps behind the wheel, or with a professional driver if you prefer, lunch, team building, and sales strategy sessions. You team will leave with fond memories and renewed energy towards their sales careers.

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tailored training 

No products are the same, no industry is the same, no companies are the same YET all sales staff still have the same excuses and objections. Not enough leads; buyers are lairs; people wont make a decision; counting deals that wont happen; rejection; others are cheaper; the list goes on!

By custom tailoring our Mastering Sales Psychology course, we can overcome all these objections. Training can be given, online, in person, via video conference or a combination of all. This will not be a drain on your staff, its is designed to be fun, interactive  and most importantly effective. 

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