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This is an extension 8 week online training course comprised of daily lessons (tips & techniques) plus exercises to help you expand your thinking and overcome the daily challenges in a sales role. We focus on improving your Sales Psychology including your mind-set, objection and rejection handling, goal setting, qualifying, people profiling, plus closing strategies and techniques. The goal is to expand your thinking by showing you how to create new opportunities, and emphasis that we live in a world of limitless opportunity. One which is only limited by your outlook. The course is designed for those who are new or intermediate in sales, or for experienced sales people who may need a “new take” on how they are approaching sales. Sales is no longer about showing up and taking orders. Disruptive and expansive, this course will change the way your customers look at you and challenge how you perceive yourself.


Course includes:

  • 8 Weeks of daily techniques and exercises

  • Weekly live group video Q&A

  • Private facebook group

  • Private whatsapp support group

  • BONUS: FREE ONE DAY refresher course valued at $1,995

  • BONUS: FREE 4 x 30 minutes telephone calls with Fred valued at $1,000


TOTAL COST: $2,995

* Payment plan option available


GUARANTEE: If you are not 100% happy with the course and did not see any improvement in your sales I will personally give you your money back, 100% guaranteed, no questions asked.


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For those who are just starting out and want to learn. Maybe you are brand new to sales, maybe you have been in sales for a while but have been struggling. Maybe you just don’t have the money to invest in my Mastering Sales Psychology course but you desperately need a hand. You need a result and quick, like your job and livelihood is depending on it. Maybe your boss down your throat and just riding you hard. Or its your own business and you are struggling to covert sales. Whatever your reason it’s fine, I have a solution, I want to help!


To a limited few I offer the full 8 week Mastermind course for half price on the proviso that you promise me the following:


1. You will complete the entire course and all it’s exercises

2. You will share your results with us, good or bad

3. You will allow us to advertise and quote your results


I’ve discounted this program because it is a win-win. You get the course for 50% off and we get to promote your results. Normal cost of the 8 week Mastering Sales Psychology course is $2,995 but you will only pay $1,497.


And if that’s not enough incentive I will also allow you to pay it off over 3 monthly payments of $499 per month.


TOTAL COST: $1,497

* or 3 payments of $499


PLUS I will still give you my 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.


NOTE the only things you don't get is free entry to my one day seminar and the 4 x 30 minute telephone calls.


LIMITED SPACES – for the case study program spaces are limited to 20 per month. Click below to apply now.


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half day workshops 

As an introduction I hold half day workshops in most major capital cities in Australia. In these sessions we work on your 3 biggest challenges that are holding you back and devise strategies to smash them! Because these are small group sessions, participants soon find that the challenges they face are common across the board and will be shared by almost everybody in the room. As such we work together to come up with solutions, options and strategies that you can immediately apply with incredible results. What would your career and income look like if we removed your 3 biggest hurdles and I showed you how to turn objections, into positives? Would that be worth a few hundred dollars and a morning of your time?


These groups are normally limited to 20 people in a round table situation and are accompanied by an optional lunch if it’s a morning session or drinks if it’s afternoon. They are highly fun, interactive and a great networking opportunity. All too often in sales we feel like we are “on an island” when in fact the complete opposite is the truth.




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For a very limited few I do provide one-to-one coaching and mentoring. Normally this costs $500 per hour and you have access to me on a weekly basis. I recommend this for people who at the peak of their sales profession and are striving for extraordinary results. You have to be 110% dedicated and already a high achiever to apply. For more information please email and place in One-to-One in the subject line.

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